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Elderberry for colds

Sambucus or elderberries, is commonly taken as a supplement to treat the common cold. Is a genus of between 5-30 indigenous trees and shrubs in both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. Is a member of the Viburnum family, a small family of flowering plants. Elderberry has been used for hundreds of years to treat flu like symptoms. In this article we will discuss the effects of elderberry on the immune system and how to treat the common cold. The "active ingredients" of sambuco are flavonoids, anthocyanins and lectins. Flavonoids are a class of secondary metabolites. A secondary metabolite is an organic compound that is not directly involved in the growth and development of organisms in which it is located. Anthocyanins are a class of flavonoids. Have anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti oxidizing properties. Lectins are properties of hemagglutinin. This means that causes red blood cells to clump together. The synergy of these three ingredients is very effective in treating the common cold. One study concluded at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel has determined that the elder is effectively to stimulate the immune system. Double-blind placebo based study, there were higher levels of antibodies to the flu virus given group than the sambuco group given a placebo. There was also a greater number of cytokines of the Group given the elder. Cytokines are cellular messengers that stimulate macrophages. Macrophages are cells of the immune system "seek and destroy". The most notable discovery was that elderberry increased the level of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) in the Group given the elder. TNF is a cytokine that induces apoptosis (programmed cell death) in tumor cells. This discovery led researchers to believe that elderberry would be beneficial for patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), as well as patients with cancer. Read the scientific study here The best deal I found on Amazon for elderberry is nature's way brand. For about $ 8 you get 100575 mg capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules twice a day with food. Nature's way elderberry offers as a tasty syrup for children. For about $ 15 you get eight ounces elderflower syrup. The manufacturer recommends taking 1-2 teaspoons per day for maintenance and 2-3 teaspoons a day, if your child is sick. The syrup might be the way to go if you have kids who have difficulty swallowing pills.

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